2014  Broadview Heights
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updated  8/04/14  7:30 am
Thank you to everyone for a great 2014 season

Boys 9/10 Machine Pitch
Tournament Champion Brad Toman Purple
Tournament Runner Up Tont Battaglia Red
League Champion Brad Toman Purple
Boys 10 Baseball Girls 9/10 Softball
Tournament Champion Brian Bender Navy Tournament Champion Jen Shuster Red Lady Bees
Tournament Runner Up Brandon McClaine Royal Tournament Runner Up Brian Alberty BVH Gold
League Champion Tom Muntean Kelly League Champion Ed Kuscevic BVH Orange
Boys 12 Baseball Girls 11/13 Softball
Tournament Champion Brian Kirin Kelly Tournament Champion Ed Kozek Black Lady Bees
Tournament Runner Up Chris Siedlecki Navy Tournament Runner Up Michelle Frisco Red Lady Bees
League Champion Scott Adkins Red League Champion Ed Kozek Black Lady Bees
Boys 14 Baseball Girls HS Softball
Tournament Champion Gary Diehl Navy Tournament Champion Mick DeMaria BVH Maroon
Tournament Runner Up Paul Daiker Red Tournament Runner Up Bo Roberts Blue Lady Bees
League Champion Gary Diehl Navy League Champion Bo Roberts Blue Lady Bees
Boys HS Baseball
Tournament Champion Steve Carruozzo BVH Royal
Tournament Runner Up Ron Kurak SH Indians
League Champion BVH Steve Carruozzo BVH Royal
League Runner Up BVH Rick Howe BVH Red
League Champion I, SH, BV, WH Ron Kurak SH Indians
League Runner Up I, SH, BV, WH Mike Fasciano SH Red