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Recreational Basketball Website

updated  10/21/14  12:30 am
Registration deadline for basketball is October 31st, 2014

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Gary Diehl

Some FAQ's

When are games and practices?


Although we have varying start times for to the different divisions based on the holiday schedule, court availability and other community participation, our leagues generally start practices in mid-November and games in early January.


Games for first and second graders take place Sunday afternoons beginning at noon.  1st  through 8th grade games are on Saturday with the younger ages beginning at 8:00 AM and the older ages running until 9:00 PM.  Boys 9th and 10th grade play on Friday nights.


Practices take place either at the Broadview Rec Center or at school gyms in North Royalton or Brecksville.  Practice times are determined by the coach and continue on the same night throughout the season.


I am interested in coaching.  How do I go about doing that?


On your child’s registration there is a question asking if you would be interested in coaching.  Simply check that box and we will get in touch with you.  In order to be a coach you will need to fill out a coaching application which includes a background check and other required forms.  Coaching applications are available on our website at www.bhrec.org.



My child can’t practice on certain nights. What do I do?


We ask on the registration form what days are not good for practices for you.  However, often a child is placed on a team before the coach has chosen a practice time.  We try to be as accommodating as possible but occasionally conflicts arise.  When they do, we work through them on a case by case basis.


Can I request to play for a coach or with a friend?


We do our best to accommodate friend requests to a point.   While we understand it is fun to play with your friends year after year, experience has taught us that it is more important to focus on trying to create teams of even skill level and age distribution.  Our goal is for EVERYONE to have fun and enjoy the season. 


History has also taught us that allowing coaches to request players and/or players to request specific coaches consistently tends to create an imbalance in the skill level and competitiveness of teams.  We no longer accept coach requests from players and coaches are not permitted to request players.


When will I hear from a coach?


Registration ends October 31.  It can take up to 3 weeks to finalize teams.  You should expect to hear from your child’s coach no sooner than 3 weeks after registration ends.


What are the details about the games?


The following grid should answer most of your questions