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Whats coming up

Date Time League Type Field Game No. Home Team Away team Ump No
Sat Jul 26 9:00 AM GU18 Tourney BBHS2 GU18-4  
Sat Jul 26 11:00 AM GU18 Tourney BBHS2 GU18-5  
Sat Jul 26 1:00 PM GU18 Tourney BBHS2 GU18-6  
Sat Jul 26 3:00 PM GU18 Tourney BBHS2 GU18-7  
Sat Jul 26 5:00 PM GU18 Tourney BBHS2 GU18-8  
Sat Jul 26 11:00 AM B14KPT Tourney F4 B14KPT-I Navy Royal 4850
Sat Jul 26 11:00 AM G13KPT Tourney F8 G13KPT-O Gold Breck1 4755
Sat Jul 26 12:00 PM B12KPT Tourney F1 B12KPT-N Navy Birtch 4754
Sat Jul 26 1:00 PM B9MPT Tourney F6 B9MPT-J Purple Red
Sat Jul 26 1:00 PM G910KPT Tourney F8 G910KPT-M Orange Gold 4756
Sat Jul 26 2:30 PM B9MPT Tourney F6 B9MPT-K