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2014/15  Broadview Heights
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1/28/15  6:30 PM

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Broadview Heights Recreation Center

Sam Alai, Mayor

Rick Howe - Commissioner      Broadview Heights Recreational Basketball 440-666-2902
Paula Horner - Director Broadview Heights Department of Parks and Recreation 440-838-4522
Gary Diehl - Athletics Manager Broadview Heights Department of Parks and Recreation 440-717-4063


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Mon-Jan-26 Highlnd 6:30 PM B1G Gajewski Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Highlnd 7:45 PM G2G Gajewski Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Hilton 6:30 PM B34G Stetler Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Hilton 7:45 PM G34G Zabak Practice
Mon-Jan-26 NRGOA 7:30 PM B910G Sprunger Practice
Mon-Jan-26 NRGOA 8:30 PM B910G Janiak Practice
Mon-Jan-26 NRGOB 7:30 PM B910G Devney Practice
Mon-Jan-26 NRGOB 8:30 PM B78G M-U Sexton Sexton
Mon-Jan-26 NRPUA 6:30 PM B56G Addl Shepherd Shepherd
Mon-Jan-26 NRPUA 8:30 PM B78G Sawyer Practice
Mon-Jan-26 NRPUB 8:30 PM B910G Humble Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec A 5:00 PM B1G Mehendale Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec A 6:00 PM B2G Hujer Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec A 7:00 PM G2G Pickering Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec A 8:00 PM B910G Holobinko Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec B 5:00 PM B1G Malek Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec B 6:00 PM B2G Todaro Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec B 7:00 PM G2G Zenir Practice
Mon-Jan-26 Rec B 8:00 PM B56G BowlerA Practice
Mon-Jan-26 VV 6:45 PM B56G Bender Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Centralsm 6:30 PM B56G Economos Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Centralsm 7:30 PM B56G Bowler Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Chippewa 6:30 PM B34G Bokoch Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Chippewa 7:45 PM B34G Williams Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec A 5:00 PM B1G Jolliffe Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec A 6:00 PM B1G Griech Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec A 7:00 PM G34G Stannert Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec A 8:00 PM B56G Maleski Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec A 9:00 PM B910G Palko Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec B 5:00 PM B34G SmithA Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec B 6:00 PM B1G Hudak Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec B 7:00 PM B34G Kolda Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec B 8:00 PM B78G Prusinski Practice
Tue-Jan-27 Rec B 9:00 PM B78G Frey Practice
Tue-Jan-27 RoyalV 6:00 PM G34G Prusinski Practice
Tue-Jan-27 RoyalV 7:15 PM G34G Holloran Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Chippewa 6:30 PM B34G Toman Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Chippewa 7:45 PM B34G Kubek Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Hilton 6:30 PM B34G Johnson Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Hilton 7:45 PM B34G Markovic Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec A 4:00 PM G34G Addl Zabak Zabak
Wed-Jan-28 Rec A 5:00 PM B2G Fourtounis Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec A 6:00 PM B1G Dolinar Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec A 7:00 PM B2G Muntean Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec A 8:00 PM G56G Kovalak Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec B 5:00 PM B34G Van Horn Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec B 6:00 PM B1G Maslar Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec B 7:00 PM B2G Lakatos Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec B 8:00 PM B78G Lakatos Practice
Wed-Jan-28 Rec B 9:00 PM B910G Lemerise Practice
Wed-Jan-28 VV 6:45 PM G56G Devney Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Centralsm 6:30 PM G56G Kostyack Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Centralsm 7:30 PM B56G Lisowsky Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Chippewa 6:30 PM B34G Alberty Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Chippewa 7:45 PM B34G Smith Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec A 5:00 PM G2G Pischulla Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec A 6:00 PM B2G Walker Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec A 7:00 PM G2G Mansbery Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec A 8:00 PM B78G Daiker Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec A 9:00 PM B910G Horter Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec B 5:00 PM B2G Smith Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec B 6:00 PM B2G Mroczka Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec B 7:00 PM B78G Price Practice
Thu-Jan-29 Rec B 8:00 PM B78G Humble Practice
Fri-Jan-30 BHMS 7:00 PM B910G Game Burnt Orange Kelly
Fri-Jan-30 BHMS 8:00 PM B910G Game Ash Grey Gold
Fri-Jan-30 BHMS 9:00 PM B910G Game Royal Deep Purple
Fri-Jan-30 Chippewa 6:30 PM B56G Shepherd Practice
Fri-Jan-30 Highlnd 6:30 PM G2G Dinkins Practice
Fri-Jan-30 Rec A 4:00 PM G34G Addl Zabak Zabak
Fri-Jan-30 Rec A 5:00 PM B2G Dinkins Practice
Fri-Jan-30 Rec B 5:00 PM B2G Keane Practice
Fri-Jan-30 RoyalV 7:15 PM B78G Sexton Practice
Fri-Jan-30 VV 6:45 PM B56G Linne Practice
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 8:00 AM B34G Game Royal True Red
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 9:00 AM B34G Game Kelly Gold
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 10:00 AM B34G Game Deep Purple Safety Green
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 11:00 AM B34G Game Navy Red Bulls
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 12:00 PM B34G Game Black Breck 1 Blue
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 1:00 PM B34G Game Lt Blue Ash Grey
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 2:00 PM B78G Game Burnt Orange True Red
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 3:00 PM B78G Game Ash Grey Kelly
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 4:00 PM B78G Game Navy Royal
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 5:00 PM B78G Game Gold Deep Purple
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 6:00 PM B56G Game Navy True Red
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 7:00 PM B56G Game Gold Kelly
Sat-Jan-31 Rec A 8:00 PM B56G Game Burnt Orange Royal